here is some snippets of a conversation i had with my parenting guru friend this morn after a VERY rough morning with two littles.  “So Sun and i spend the last 12 minutes fighting with each other (as we get ready for a walk). I yell. He tells me (in tears) that i hurt his […]

bad piggies and wiggling

So…mommy lesson of the day from my Sonshine. We’re playing, bonding, spending mama/son time togetther. We’re playing bad piggies and he is a BALL of ENERGY. Squirming. Sitting. Moving. Stopping. Hands all over, butt wiggling, legs restless, tapping, at one point he punched me out of emotions he could not explain but i assume was excitement. […]

Because we are still learning :]

There are some defining moments in your life that happen on a regular basis that will influence your actions, behaviors and views. some as simple as “these jeans really DO make me look fat.” some as heavy as “this relationship really ISNT working.” when it comes to parenting and marriage, there is a serious learning […]

Bloggy Birth!

Im going to have a lot of thoughts.     I hope you like them. Or at least dont hate me for them 🙂 Im passionate about a couple things:   My faith (but i plan on keeping that vague when present, so that we may all feel part of the same family..which we are!) […]