This is the kind of mom I am.

I got this from: I have always said that my babies will never hear me utter the words “you are no longer my child.” I will love them through anything that makes them, them. If my j falls in love with a man, I will happily call that man my son in law and […]

The Wrong Milk.

My husband is wonderful. I will probably say that a lot here.  but he is.  One of the things he has been doing recently is making my gym time happen. He knows how much our health means to our future, and wants to see me succeed. Not only does this entail cooking the dinners (he […]

Impressing Myself.

My son LOVES to learn.  I wish I could take credit for it, but most of the time i wonder how much is nature and how much is nurture. He knew all of his letters and numbers to 20 in english and spanish by 2ish. He read his first word not long after his 3rd […]

4. and all of its sounds.

My 4 year old makes sounds. ALL THE TIME. I try very hard to be gentle, understanding, compassionate, and put myself on a 4 year old level. 4 is a loud age in some kids. 4 means Beeping. and Mooing. and Roaring. and shrieking. and yelling and laughing and guffawing. not to menton MY 4 […]