This. all of this.

This. all of this.

Im usually not a sharer of my beliefs, or i try not to, because I dont like debates being started on something Impassionate about. But I couldnt help this. Who would disagree?
I am SO guilty. How many times have I asked my Son to not make certain sounds, or more recently “dont repeat everything you hear on the television…or book…or radio.” or even “Stop running all around the kitchen island!” Ive even caught myself worried about bothering the neighbors with outside screaming and excited play. Im so caught up in the moment that I forget that my admitted “annoyance” to a sound or my worry about other peoples thoughts is sheltering his learning. furthermore, he throws a fit these days, big old Four YEar Old fits. and thats how he needs to process it. sometimes I throw 26 Year Old fits. I just have someone to help balance me out. I have a partner, a helper, a comrade. My boy needs that. Why is it that I understand the 18 Month Old fits more than the 4 Year Old ones?
Im going to get better. I am. I need gentle reminders sometimes, but I guess we never really stop learning 🙂


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