Lessons from a son – Words.

Maybe Im hyperaware of words and how we say them and how we feel in response to the way certain things are phrased. but today my son touched my heart.

I began cleaning his room and made his bed, which, im honest, is not a normal occurrence.

 he was going for his tablet learning time in his room and he came right back out “Mama did you clean my room a little?!” i said yes and he says”THANKS MAMA! thats SO nice of you! i love it!” and then he goes back in and comes back again. 

“Mama?! did you make my bed up nice for me?” I nodded. he grinned really big. 

“Oh i love it i just love it!”


It made me think. how often do i go without showing true appreciation and gratitude for even the smallest of things? 

I know that feeling of greatness that my boy was so excited i had done something kind for him, and it didnt take much. justa made bed and a little picking up of his toys. Im definitely going to make a conscious effort to do more non-monetary things for my boy and my husband as well as to show appreciation for the things my family does for me. If i show true appreciation when my son picks up his toys, or puts his book back, or helps me do the laundry or puts his bowl in the sink or lets the puppy out or something, I am showing him that i appreciate his gentle and helpful spirit, and that is a lesson that will carry over much longer than just a simple Thank You. 🙂 


lesson learned SonShine!




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