Character Building

aching my children to be honorable, and compassionate and giving are as important, moreso even, than teaching them reading, writing or arithmetic. So we frequently do things for others as a part of our “Hey Stranger Project” (www.instagram.comheystrangerproject and where we give to strangers. expecting nothing, and doing it anonymously. We buy coffees for the patrons behind us, line or drive thru, when we go on mommy-baby coffee dates, we bake goods to give to civil servants (or as SonShine most recently blurted to the firemen “we got these from the store because mommy isnt a really good at baking.” true story folks. but I try my best and thasts whats important right? yeah, that and discounted pastries at the supermarket when i mess up:) ) we write letters and draw pictures and send photos and pstcards to soldiers and police officers and everyone we know that gives a lot. Son has a Share Jar, where when he does good deeds around the house (getting sister her milk or her blanket or her stuffed hippo, or exercises the dog, or puts away someone elses mess) he gets money in his Share Jar. Once full, he can take it to the charity of his choice (most ALWAYS the humane society) and he gives it away. we also share our old toys with a Mommy-Kid coffee shop in town, a local goodwill, or the museum. 🙂 its a vital VITAL part of our family life, and I want to share some of it with you!


this is one of my favorites. we went and bought donuts for the firestation (on the way to bring daddy’s team at work some donuts too). SonShine wrote them a letter with his own words (“since you have been really good we are going to bring you a treat since you have been good”)  and I slipped them a Hey Stranger card and we went along our way. they caught up with us at the car and invited us in for a tour and to see the trucks! super cool! It made us feel more connected, and I was so thankful for that experience for the children.



Our Share Jar. It has been a wonderful part of us for about 18 months. Now, this particular jar just broke, but we immediately replaced it 🙂


Letters for SOldiers. Image

Postcards for the police Department! and also a few for some csick children in Europe!Image

We did 27 acts of kindness for my 27th birthday. Image

julian picked the toy aisle for the donation of that day. we got rid of 30 bucs that day in dollar stores around town. Image

we bought a cat for another person during the holidays. we loved poodle. but couldnt have poodle. so we paid her adoption fee so whichever forever home needed her, got her for free. 🙂Image

Julian picked out some snacks for the shelter for under the giving tree.Image


this is the kind of thing we do together on a daily basis when we dont have much time or money or things to give.


Julian LOVES it. at the Java Crew in our town, they do Suspended Coffees, so they will allow you to purchase coffees for those who come in asking for it, called suspended coffees, and those hard on their financial luck will be able to get a break. we usually do 15$ which is 10 suspended coffees.


This year we extended it to Christmas Trees! We bought a tree for the person shopping for a tree alongside us.


Toys for Tots has always been a huge thing for us and Im so glad!  Son picked out one for a kid his age and one for a kid his sisters age.

These things (along with the others youll find on the sites) really allow me to see this raw giving heart my children are growing into. its so beautiful!


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